Arbitrator, Mediator and Expert   GST professionals are routinely selected as arbitrators, mediators, and experts in a variety of claims.

  • President, co-arbitrator, and sole arbitrator of tribunals applying the rules of the ICC, the ICDR, the Centre for Arbitration and Mediation of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CAM-CCBC); Câmara de Arbitragem do Mercado, BM&F BOVESPA, Arbitration Centre of Parana Chamber of Commerce (ARBITAC), Centro Arbitral do Estado de São Paulo (CAESP); the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, and ad-hoc tribunals. Sectors include transfer of technology, international trade, infrastructure projects, telecommunications, mining, aerospace, maritime, and administrative contracts. Parties have come from the Americas and the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.


  • Emergency arbitrator in a case between a Chinese and a U.S. entity related to distribution agreement under the auspices of International Centre for Dispute Resolution of the American Arbitration (ICDR);
  • President of the Arbitral Tribunal in a case related to distributorship agreement between a U.S. company and Brazilian company under the rules of the ICC;

  • Co-arbitrator in a case related to a distribution agreement in Latin American seeking almost 200 million USD in damages under the rules of the ICDR.

  • Expert witness on the applicable law in tribunals in the United States of America (Florida, California Massachusetts, and New York), Brazil, and Spain;